Concert: damjans GIIPUJA, Zagreb, 23rd March 2015

Ulica kralja Zvonimira 63, Zagreb, Croatia

In the fourth concert season in Kulturna produkcija Aplauz venue a band damjans is presented. Damjan Grbac is the author, arranger and the band leader of the jazz quartet damjans. He devoted himself to the fusion of jazz and specific ethno music of Istrian peninsula and Primorje. In November 2012 they released their debut album “GIIPUJA” which is consisted of traditional folk music of Istria and Primorje in jazz arrangements. With that album Damjan Grbac contributed immensely to preserving and nurturing of Croatian music tradition and showed how Istrian music can freshly be interpreted and combined with other musical styles. In December 2014 damjans released their second album on which they interpret traditional music with more freedom, in yet again new and unexpected musical contexts, varying from quiet ballads to highly energetic performances influenced by punk-rock.

Marko First: sopela, violin, ocarina, electronic instruments
Andreas Marinello: soprano and tenor saxophone
Damjan Grbac: double bass
Tonči Grabušić: drums