GIIPUJA feat. Elvis Stanić in Kastav – 18th July 2015

Damjans KKL 2015.

Kastafsko Kulturno Leto Festival

18th July 2015
GIIPUJA feat. Elvis Stanić in Kastav, Kastafsko Kulturno Leto (Summer Festival in Kastav)
Croatian progressive jazz musician Damjan Grbac following up his extremely appreciated debut album „GIIPUJA“, presented his new ethno jazz album “GERBAZ GIIPUJA” to the audience at the Summer Festival in Kastav.

Damjan Grbac is the author, arranger and the band leader of the jazz quartet Damjan’s. With Damjan on double bass and Tonči Grabušić on drums, the band got sturdier sound and new dimensions of interpretations with new members Andreas Marinello who plays saxophone and Marko First, a multi-instrumentalist from Zagreb, plays exotic wind instruments like sopele and twin houses along with a violin.

Elvis Stanić is one of the best contemporary Croatian guitar players, accordion player and award winning jazz composer. He played various compositions both on guitar and accordion. Since accordion has become traditional musical instrument after slowly superseding sopele in the Kastav area, his accordion performance pleasantly paired up with GIIPUJA’s sopele arrangements.

Traditional ethno music of Istria and Primorje is performed in a specific musical scale, Istrian scale. UNESCO has protected this scale as world’s non-material cultural heritage. This scale is the most original part of musical heritage of this area where Kastav also belongs. Thus, this concert made contributions in presenting this rich musical tradition.

Marko First: sopela, violin, ocarina, electronic instruments
Andreas Marinello: soprano and tenor saxophone
Damjan Grbac: double bass
Tonči Grabušić: drums
Elvis Stanić: guitar, accordion

Photo: Foto Fristacky