Forest GIIPUJA – 26. JazzTimeRijeka

Photogallery 26. JazzTimeRijeka, 26. JazzTimeRijeka festival

Damjan Grbac, a bassist from Kastav with a diploma at the Trieste jazz academy, is a musician who is always chronically missing in every society. He is a researcher, innovator and uncompromising artist who knows no boundaries in the interpretation of Istrian and coastal traditional music, otherwise protected by UNESCO.
After two recorded albums “GIIPUJA” and “Gerbaz GIIPUJA” for the record labels Aquarius and Menart, asked the question “what is next?”, Grbac again surprised us with a new project entitled “Forest GIIPUJA”.
And again, with the old team of top musicians, it starts with adventure, a journey into the musical intersection of Istria and Primorje where legends are said to be filled by terrible creatures and elves.

The forest, the right of the centuries-old forests in the Nature Park “Učka” was a stage and a studio where Damjan Grbac double bass, Tonči Grabušić drums, Andreas Marinello saxophone and Marko First violin and sopile, prepared a concert for elves, forest creatures, terrible creatures and sometimes astonished mountaineers, and all that audio and video recorded. The beautiful qualities of nature and the sound of acoustic instruments in the forest environment are the holidays for the ears and eyes of the listener.
The virulent solo parts and themes are intertwined with ambient music that mingles with the natural environment. “Actually, that music is back where her place is,” Grbac says. “The ambiance and the sound have been tremendously inspirational to us, so that the compositions have already been recorded on past carriers, as well as several new ones, have played in a whole new way.” This project is the first in Croatia and will be available on the market for the first time on USB stick. And who knows what these artists will do for us, maybe a promotion in the woods …?
We believe that someone in Croatia will recognize this project as an ideal one for promoting Croatian music beyond our borders.

Recognizing the quality, the project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Kastav, the City of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Učka Nature Park, Croatian Association of Composers, G.I.S. Ltd.

Damjan Grbac – double bass, Marko First – sopele, violin, ocarina, Andreas Marinello – sax soprano, sax tenor, Tonči Grabušić – drums / percussion



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