Damjan Grbac became the official promoter and endorser of Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Damjan Grbac, a double bassist from Kastav with a diploma from the Trieste jazz academy, has now become the official promoter and endorser of Thomastik-Infeld from Vienna, which deals with manual production of string for musical instruments. This company, with its 1919 tradition since its inception, has created the name in this segment of the market with its flexibility and innovation, so today they use the most influential names of the music scene from classical music to heavy metal and jazz. Acknowledgment to this Croatian musician, to promote and present Thomastik-Infeld, is a logical continuation of Damjan’s musical career that does not know the boundaries between genres. In his seventeen-year-long professional music career, primarily jazz-loving, he also played with various pop and rock performers. From his music biography, the fact is that, apart from being a musician and author, he works as a pedagogue by transferring his precious knowledge to young musicians. Currently, Grbac is involved with the Forest GIIPUJA project, through which, after two recorded albums, GIIPUJA and GERBAZ GIIPUJA, with the involvement of top jazz musicians, interprets Istrian and Primorje traditional music, but the festival’s jazz scene experts recognize him as the artistic director of one of of our longest jazz music festivals – Jazz TimeRijeka.

Thomastik-Infeld strings can be heard on the following performances:

12/11/2017. Concert Jazz Department of Art School Jure Brajša Rašana in Labin

12. – 17.12.2017. Chinese tour with Elvis Stanić Group

19/12/2017. Spart Jazz Quintet, Rijeka Corso23/12/2017.

Music workshop in Kastav and concert, Jed Becker’s Group, Spart Jazz Quintet.

Riječki glazbenik Damjan Grbac postao službenim promotorom i endorserom tvrtke Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

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