New 2018. promo video! Forest GIIPUJA

Sounds – tastes – smells – visuals —–

The original project of the mysterious name “GIIPUJA”, which stands as an acronym for “Music of Istria and Primorje In Jazz Arrangements”, gave an extraordinary contribution to the nurturing and preservation of the Croatian musical heritage and showed that Croatian ethno music can be interpreted and combined with different musical styles. Through the three CD-s, Damjan Grbac and Damjans have shaped a unique, unified joint ensemble that culminated in the last year’s multimedia release that brings the music’s experience in audio and visual form.

Play New 2018. promo video! Forest GIIPUJA!

Big thanks to:
Tonči Grabušić, Andreas Marinello, Dario Marusic, Slađana Grbac, Sarah Nicole Vukšić, Igor Modric, Robert Kalčić, Igor Susanj, Lorin Zović, Matej Zec, Jelena Milić, KKL, Igor Polak, Polak Media, MIXER.HR, Kukuriku, RESTAURANT RUŽMARIN, OPATIJA

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