Tororo – organization

Organization Tororo is involved in the promotion and advancement of musical expression, customs and folklore of Kastafština a narrower native areas, and Croatian territory.

JazzTime Rijeka – festival

International Jazz Festival, which takes place in Rijeka since 1992. year. Festival has hosted renowned musicians from Croatia and world.
Damjan Grbac is artistic director of the Festival since 2012.

Music course Vrbnik

Music Course “Vrbnik” organized Municipality Vrbnik and TZ municipality with the aim of music education students. In addition to individual classes will be held and a concert by all participants. Represented are various styles of music (pop, rock, jazz, folk), as well as various directions of the course (singing, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, accordion …). The course will be held in July in Vrbniku.
Damjan Grbac is leader and lecturer at the course.